Summers Daze

The morning dawns with glistening dew,
Bright shafts of sunlight, shining through.
Chirping birds singing birdie songs,
New day righting all the wrongs.

Freshly cut grass assail the nose,
A perfect day for reading prose.
Heat and humidity penetrate the day,
While to the water kids find their way.

Air inside blowing colder air,
Clouds drifting across the sky so fair.
Blazing hotter the sun still climbs,
Memories drift to simpler times.

Evening brings a charcoal smell,
Pekingese beg with wagging tail.
Dusk turns quickly to darkest night,
While fireflies give their yellow light.

Off to bed in protest they go,
Dragging their feet, moving slow.
Children planning tomorrows fun,
Hoping for another day full of sun.

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