Welcome to the home of The Inquisitive Product Manager.  My name is Eric Hubbard and I am, The Inquisitive Product Manager.  Maybe an understatement, I know, but I love being a Product Manager.  I am currently laid off, and to help keep up my skills, I am maintaining this webpage, creating videos, and creating ongoing content for product managers everywhere.  This page also serves as my online portfolio, or my, please hire me website.

On the personal side of me, I enjoy spending time with my wife and three daughters and grandson.  We like to hike and camp, and really enjoy the outdoors.  I am also what is known as a nerd, or a geek, and I am heavily into all things Star Wars or Sci-Fi in general. I write poetry, fiction, and I am currently in the process of writing two books, one is a collection of short stories, and the other is a beginners guide to Product Management.

Additional work I am planning is learning to use the software suite, Blender, for help with my presentations and videos.

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